Exponential Impact through the Power of Happiness.

Heedspeed is an experiment on the life-changing power of happiness, optimism and using our lives for impact and to #scatterjoy.

Our goal is to  promote happiness by helping people to manage their daily lives in a way that is sustainable and brings joy.

Designed for what we are calling “driver” personalities– we are focussing our content towards individuals who are hustling on their happiness journey but changing the world at the same time through their startups, community projects, or just being all around POSITIVE.

Studies are showing that optimism, happiness and positive energy are lead contributors to other success factors in life such as profitability, resilience and oh yeah, that little thing called—survival.

Science is telling us that by simply being happy, surrounding ourselves with other happy people and promoting happiness in the world– we can have decreased issues in our health, wellness and personal relationships.

Operating at HEEDPSEED for us, means that you drive forward with focussed intention but also add small adjustments and behaviors to your daily routine for self-discovery, so that you can have exponential impact on your community and world by being the person in the room who adds just one smile, one laugh, and or reminds people to find enjoyment in the small things. 

**Please note:  This site is still under development.  We published it quickly so that we could find friends at the 2017 Wisdom 2.0 Conference and find fellow HEEDSPEEDERS to help build out content and connect a community of powerful drivers of good in the world  that can be truly meaningful.